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EDF's French nuclear output in 2022 could be 17-22% lower than in 2021

EDF has lowered its French nuclear output estimate for 2022 from 295-315 TWh to 280-300 TWh due to inspections for stress corrosion at twelve of its reactors. Estimates for 2023 are unchanged at 300-330 TWh. Previously, in February 2022, EDF reduced its French nuclear output estimate from 300-330 TWh to 295-315 TWh. In early 2022, EDF already revised downward its nuclear output estimate for 2022 from 330-360 TWh to 300-330 TWh and then to 295-315 TWh due to extended reactor outages.


Colombia plans to add 3 GW of capacity in 2022, including 1.5 GW of solar

The Colombian national power grid operator XM Compania de Expertos en Mercados plans to incorporate more than 3 GW of new power capacity in 2022, including 50% of solar, 22% of hydropower, 19% of thermal and 9% of wind.

Colombia's installed power capacity has increased by 44% since 2010 and reached 19.6 GW at the end of 2020, with hydroelectricity accounting for 67% (13.2 GW) The solar and wind capacity is limited (115 MW for solar and 563 MW for wind in 2020).


NEA expects 12% increase in China's power generation in 2022

The National Energy Administration (NEA) of China has released its annual energy industry guide and anticipates a 4.2% growth in domestic gas production in 2022; this would be nearly half the 8.2% growth in production posted in 2021. In addition, crude oil is also expected to increase. According to the NEA, domestic power generation should rise by 12% in 2022 (after a 10% growth in 2021), with wind and solar accounting for 12.2% of the power mix (up from 11% in 2021). China will pursue its strategy to reduce the share of coal in its energy consumption, aiming to reach 17.3% of non-fossil energies in its total energy consumption in 2022, up from 16% in 2020.


Brazil's oil output expected to increase by 10% in 2022

Brazil forecasts an increase in its oil production by around 300,000 bbl/d in 2022 (+10% compared to 2021). The country's oil output reached 3 mb/d in 2021. Most of the domestic production was ensured by the Brazilian national oil and gas company Petrobras, which produced 2.77 mboe/d of oil and gas in 2021 (-2.5% compared to 2020), including 2.22 mb/d of oil and NGL (-2.2%) and exceeded its 2021 targets. Pre-salt production accounted for 70% of Petrobras’s total output in 2021.

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